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SSI Beginner Diving CoursesNo Of Days Price:
Try Scuba (10 years+) 1 dive €50.00
Try Scuba Diving (10 years+) 2 dives €98.00
Scuba Review-Dive only 1 dive (incl. equipment) €45.00
SSI Scuba Diver 2-3 days/ 3 pool sessions/ 2 dives €265.00
Open Water 4 days/5 confined water dives/
4 open water dives
Open Water Referral 2 days/4 dives €245.00
Private Open Water-One on One 4-5 days/5 pool dives/
4 ow dives
SSI Advanced Diving Courses No Of Days Price:
Advanced Adventurer 2 days/5 dives €285.00
React Right 1 day €117.00
Diver Stress and Rescue 2 days €350.00
SSI Speciality Diving CoursesNo of DaysPrice
Enriched Air Diver 1 day/1 dive€50.00
Search and Recovery1 days/2 dives€120.00
Peak Performance Buoyancy1 day/2 dives€120.00
Deep Diver2 days/3 dives€180.00
Wreck Diver1 days/2 dives€120.00
SSI Professional Courses No of DaysPrice:
Divemaster (DM) 4 weeks POA
Dive Guide 1-2 weeks POA
Dive Control Specialist 7-10 Days POA
E-Learning online course materials are not included in prices below. For more information about the courses please click here
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