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DIVE MALTA is positioned on the picturesque seafront of St Julian’s bay and is Spinola bay’s most dynamic diving centre and snorkeling centre . Located in the heart of St Julian’s, it is our intention to become Malta’s number one diving and water sports service provider. Our prime position means that we are within easy reach of all the hotels and apartments on the Paceville, St Julian’s and Sliema seafront. Being located literally on the waters edge allows us to offer services that other centres can only dream of. To sample some of what Malta, Gozo and Comino has to offer, go to the video page where you can see some great short films.

The centre is owned and operated by myself, Stuart Jones, and my team of PADI, SSI and BSAC and TDI instructors, who are dedicated to ensuring that your next Diving holiday here in Malta is a memorable one. The Dive centre is owner operated, so this gives me the opportunity to meet and dive with all our divers personally, and be on hand to take care of any concerns they may have on a daily basis. We can offer all services that visiting or aspiring divers could need. From recreational to technical diving services, we can take care of your diving needs.

We can now teach you to dive through the either the new PADI e-learning system, or the SSI online system, giving you more freedom when you learn to dive. It is this level of personal care and our commitment to safety and service that sets us apart from our many competitors. You can then experience some of the stunning underwater life that inhabits the islands. Take a look at our new underwater page, Underwater Life

When you trust us to take care of your diving holiday, we take that responsibility very seriously and make every effort to ensure that your visit goes to plan. So that you can enjoy the best diving and snorkelling that Malta, Gozo and Comino has to offer , Dive Malta with DiveMalta!


Q. I have never dived before, can I try it?

A. You can try diving with an introductory try dive in confined water. Introductory diving is fun and safe as the maximum number of divers per instructor is kept to a minimum, which enables you to get initial tuition before diving then try out your new experience in a beautiful environment in very capable hands. If you wish it is possible to have your first try dive in our pool, but we’re sure that once tried, you will want to get into the sea as soon as possible.

Q. Is it difficult to learn to dive?

A. Not for most people. If you’re comfortable in the water and a reasonably good swimmer, you should be able to learn

Q. How long does it take to get certified?

A. When working with us with full day instruction it depends on how fast you learn. The standard Open Water Diver/Ocean Diver certification will typically be a three to four day process.

Q. I get pain in my ears when I go below 3 metres. Can I dive?

A. Part of learning to dive is learning to clear your ears… that is equalizing the pressure inside and outside your eardrum. It takes people a few days to get the hang of this, but soon you’ll do it automatically. If you have ear infections or other blockages that might keep you from clearing your ears, then you should check with a doctor before proceeding.

Q. How long will I be able to stay underwater?

A. That depends on how deep you are and how heavily you are breathing. Air gets compressed at greater depths, so with each breath you’ll go through more air. You can often stay down 45 minutes to an hour at depths of 5 to 10 metres. On deeper dives you may only get 15 to 20 minutes. As you get more experienced you’ll learn to prolong your air supply by breathing more slowly, by conserving your energy and, most of all, becoming more confident and relaxed in the water.>

Q. Can I wear contact lenses or glasses while diving?

A. Soft contact lenses should not be a problem. Bring an extra pair or two in case one washes out. Eyeglasses worn under a dive mask are not practicable. However, it is more economical than you might think to have your prescription ground into the mask itself. Your optician or dive shop can advise you on where to have it done. If your prescription is quite low, it might not be necessary to have special lenses, as the water magnifies naturally.

Q. Do I need a medical to dive in Malta?

A. We have a self-assessment form that needs to be completed and signed by you. Should you have any of the problems listed on the form, it would be necessary to have a doctor check you over and give you the go-ahead to dive. This is not a problem and we can arrange for you to see the doctor at the dive base.

Q.I’m a certified diver but I haven’t dived in a while, is this ok?

A.No problem! Just tell us when booking. As all our dives are guided we make sure that you are well looked after throughout the dive. If you prefer we can arrange a scuba review for you to get you back into diving.

Q. Will I be shore diving or boat diving?

A. A lot of our dive sites can be reached from the shore. We have beautiful reefs, wrecks and caves all within easy reach from the shore. We also have plenty of dive sites that are reached by boat. We take a typical Maltese Luzzu to Comino for a day’s trip doing two dives, with a stopover for lunch on the beautiful island of Comino. Depending upon which dive site we visit we can also take a fast, very well equipped rib. We also take the ferry and do two shore dives on the lovely island of Gozo

Q. How many dives will I do daily and how long will I be out diving?

A. We like to offer two dives a day but obviously it’s your choice as to how many you do. We normally go out for the day, meeting at the dive base around 8.30am and returning about 2.30pm. This leaves most of the afternoon for you to spend time with your family having had a good days diving!

Q. What are the sea temperatures?

A. During the summer months the sea temperature will go up to around 27/28 degrees centigrade with divers wearing just a short wet suit or 3mm one-piece. In the winter months it drops to around 14 degrees centigrade and there is a mixture of 5/7mm two-piece wetsuits or drysuits.

Q. What’s life-after-diving like in Malta?

A. Brilliant. You will find plenty for you and your family to do on the beautiful island of Malta. There are jeep treasure hunts, jeep safaris, horse riding, go-karting, swimming with dolphins, weekly festas, weekly markets, a craft village and a superb golf course!

Q. What is there for the kids to do?

A. Apart from the above, there’s a splash and fun park, amusement centres, beautiful beaches to build sand castles and lovely warm, clear water to swim in.

Q. Is it easy to travel around the island?

A. The bus service is excellent with plenty of buses covering the whole of the island with very cheap fares. To make life even easier and cheaper you can purchase a week’s bus pass at a very reasonable cost. There are also many car hire firms. If it’s a car you want, then let us know and we will point you in the right direction.

Q. Is the water safe to drink?

A. Yes it is, but as it tastes a bit bitter, most people buy bottled water for drinking but use tap water for tea and coffee.

Q. What is the Maltese currency?

A. As of January 2008 the Euro is Malta’s legal tender and as this currency fluctuates we do not give currency equivalents on our quotes and payments are requested in Euros at the rate of exchange at the time of payment.

Q. What language is spoken in Malta?

A. Malta does have its own language… Maltese but, apart from their native tongue, most Maltese people speak good English and Italian.

Q. What temperatures can we expect?

A. During the summer months the temperature will probably be between 30 to 35 degrees centigrade, cooling off slightly during the evenings and nights. During the winter months the lowest temperature is likely to be around 14 degrees centigrade, but it could get quite a bit colder during the evenings and nights so bring a warm coat!

Q. What is the accommodation like in Malta?

A. There are many first-class hotels offering excellent accommodation with nightly entertainment. There are also many smaller and less expensive hotels offering a very good service. If you prefer self-catering apartments, then we have plenty of those too! If you need help in choosing, we can offer varied accommodation depending on what’s right for you and your family.

Q. Where will we find the best night life?

A. All the best night clubs and bars can be found in Bugibba or Paceville. Both places come alive at night with live entertainment, karaoke or disco and most clubs and bars stay open until they are empty. Great fun is to be had… provided you are not diving the next day!!

Q. What about the restaurants?

A. Most of the restaurants are excellent with good food at reasonable prices. The tourists’ menus are very good too. A good tip for you – have a quick peep inside and if there are plenty of local people eating… then it’s good!!

Q. Is it worth taking a trip to Gozo and Comino?

A. Most definitely. The ferry runs frequently from Cirkewwa at the northern most tip of Malta, taking around half an hour to reach Gozo. Just enough time to take a snack with tea or coffee! Alternatively you can remain on deck and enjoy the spectacular views. You can go with an organised group or take your own hire car and do your own thing. Either way Gozo has lots to offer and we’re sure you’ll enjoy your day. Comino is much smaller and boasts the Blue Lagoon for swimming, with beautiful clear electric blue water. Apart from a walk around the island, there isn’t much else to do other than lie in the sun and chill out. Comino is reached by a small boat leaving Cirkewwa frequently for the island. Don’t forget, you can combine the sightseeing of Gozo and Comino by diving the two islands with us!!

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